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PostPosted: 08/12/2015 15:38    Post subject: I take it back

I take the Applications and guild request back, as none of you being online wants to answer me or give me directions to talk with any recruiters in-game which has lead me to seek another guild who actually takes time to those wishing to join their ranks.

I do not understand why my whispers keep getting ignored, and at this point i no longer care.

Farewell, i do hope you will all get better at answering other people's questions and not ignore them.

PostPosted: 07/12/2015 17:41    Post subject: App: McLionmane

The application submitted by McLionmane is as follows:

Full IC name. (Example: Nyzath Lunastreak):
Gefian Byrghirgrård

OoC Character name:

Character Gender:

Give us a short background of your character. Don't need to tell us everything, just enough to get a general idea. Do include your IC age, though - Teen? Adult?:
Adult Human Male, Spent most of his life in Northrend in the army and have only recently travelled to Eastern Kingdoms, so much is new to him.

Various - Anything else you want to tell us. This could be simple quirks your character has, details about your character that don't fit in the background field, or OoC information. Anything goes.:
He drinks like a dwarf, and handles it like a stone.