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PostPosted: 03/08/2015 12:02    Post subject:

Albron! We haven't had a chance to poke you online yet, so when you're on and see one of us online, give us a poke so we can have a chat. Thanks!

PostPosted: 28/07/2015 20:22    Post subject: App: Arbush

The application submitted by Arbush is as follows:

Full IC name. (Example: Nyzath Lunastreak):
Albron Blur-shade

OoC Character name:

Character Gender:

Give us a short background of your character. Don't need to tell us everything, just enough to get a general idea. Do include your IC age, though - Teen? Adult?:
Albron Blur-shade, now 28 years of age, has now reached a halt in his study of the magic school of illusions. Having studied in his lonesome from the day he uncovered his skill in the arcane. Now with a halt in his training, having learned all he could learn at the mage quarters. He now seeks to ventior into the world of Azeroth, to train his abilities in real scenarios and to do his part in the world. And maybe meet a few like-minded people in the process.

Various - Anything else you want to tell us. This could be simple quirks your character has, details about your character that don't fit in the background field, or OoC information. Anything goes.:
The school of illusions (http://wowwiki.wikia.com/Illusionist) is focused on illusions, conjuring and manipulating what people see. But with the heavy focus on illusions it lacks in actual combat ability. Albron is well read in history but has very limited social skills and knowledge of social etiquette. I have prior experience with RP in WoW previously playing on Defians brotherhood, but i have been gone for a while and the people i knew on that server have now migrated to Argent Dawn or just stopped playing. Thats why im now looking for a first guild for my first character on this new server :)